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9 October 2018

What are the differences among RFI, RFQ, RFT and RFP?

Nel mondo degli approvvigionamenti e degli acquisti ci sono alcuni acronimi che ricorrono sovente: RFI, RFQ, RFT e RFP. Innanzitutto è importante identificare le definizioni: –        RFI (Request For Information):[…]

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24 September 2018

Logistics Forum 2018: we are present

On October the 25th and 26th Logistics Forum 2018 will be held at Gubbio.   Smart VCO will be present, with relevant news.[…]

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10 September 2018

How to prepare a logistics budget?

The last quarter of the year is quite close and with it the moment of the budget: on the one hand a tedious task, on the other hand an opportunity.[…]

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21 August 2018

An effective freight audit in 8 steps

Within the shipments and their costs management, the Freight Audit is becoming strategic. Many businesses look over the short-term savings, and use Audit as the tool for the optimization and the visibility[…]

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10 July 2018

How to avoid the reverse logistics pitfalls

Reverse logistics moves goods from their natural final destination (clients, points of sales) backwards among the supply chain to either the initial producer or a new subject of the original[…]

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3 July 2018

Interview – RadioVerona Live Social

A short clip which is a summary of the interview held at RadioVerona for the program Live Social.[…]

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28 June 2018

#RoadTo ISO 9001

It's an important moment for us. We have just started a journey that will lead us to improve more and more. We call it #RoadTo ISO 9001![…]

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21 June 2018

10 ways to create efficiency and innovation in your warehouse

Managing a warehouse is an often-underestimated task, considered as a non-strategic practice and cost. In truth, it is a complex assignment and its strategic position keeps rising into the evolving[…]

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22 May 2018

Cooper’s Four Rules applied to logistics

Within every business, there are many different positions associated with the shipments: logistics (Ça va sans dire!), sales, after-sales, the administration, purchases, the production. And there may still be more.[…]

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9 May 2018

A proper logistics…

…requires a logistic manual!   What is reported within the logistic manual? The logistic manual illustrates the main aspects of a business logistic system: The fundamental strategic choices of logistics;[…]

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