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12 March 2019


The annual meeting dedicated to the logistics and supply chain management business community will return in April. In a new location: Lazise (VR) replaces the Bologna. Some topics on which[…]

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How to save time in invoice verification?

To have a proper invoice verification is not easy: there are so many charge codes and every vendor show a unique tariff structure. Just add to this the large variety[…]

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16 January 2019

ISO 9001 certified

Smart VCO Consulting has reached the quality status of ISO 9001 certified, after having successfully passed the inspection visit of the certifying body Q-AID at the end of 2018.[…]

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10 January 2019

How to properly assign shipments?

To ensure the required service level to the customers without affecting the competitiveness of the economic conditions, it is usually organized a freight tender, after the completion of a comprehensive[…]

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8 January 2019

The Smart VCO 2018 yearbook is available!

It is now available the 2018 Smart VCO yearbook. To receive a digital copy of the yearbook directly in your mailbox, just send an email to sales@smartvco.com[…]

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19 December 2018

Merry Christmas!

To our clients, our colleagues, our suppliers may arrive the wishes from all of us!  […]

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12 December 2018

New for 2019: strengthened our temporary management network

Temporary management is a solution aimed at companies that want to improve or change their management structure. In this way, companies can access high-level managerial skills, which contribute to company[…]

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How to organize an effective freight tender?

Companies must rely on goods shipments showing an adequate service level and a right cost. It is therefore fundamental to select the best provider for the goods shipment activity. A[…]

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15 November 2018

What costs and benefits related to the level of inventory?

An optimized warehouse and inventory management is a crucial aspect for both manufacturing and commercial companies: their success often depends on the ability to provide customers with the right product,[…]

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9 October 2018

What are the differences among RFI, RFQ, RFT and RFP?

Nel mondo degli approvvigionamenti e degli acquisti ci sono alcuni acronimi che ricorrono sovente: RFI, RFQ, RFT e RFP. Innanzitutto è importante identificare le definizioni: –        RFI (Request For Information):[…]

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