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What are the areas of action?

Temporary management in Logistics and Purchasing dept.

We support companies with managers who have more than 30 years of experience in the optimization and reengineering of the Supply Chain processes. Are you facing an intergenerational transfer or are you including a new family member in your company? Or after an acquisition or a new business outline do you need to create a new structure for your office? With Smart VCO management you can:
  • Turn your Purchasing department into a center of “profit”
  • Align your procedures with the market’s standards
  • Reorganize tasks, roles and responsabilities within the department
  • Assist your internal resources to start a new and constant process of improvement


What kind of training intervention for my company can Smart provide?
  • Accademy for Purchasing and Logistics Management: for your junior and senior employees we have thought of a training mainly based on practice, consisting of participating at your premises or at our offices in projects for your company and for Smart VCO’s clients. Full-time or part-time. For small and large companies from all sectors. The goal is the transfer of our know-how to companies so that in the future they can manage the logistic and costs optimization processes on their own.


What kind of professional refresher for your company can Smart VCO provide?
  • Ad-hoc training courses for your company and the professionals, based on your availability with remote and/or on-site assistance. These interventions are designed for every type of company and professional profile in the logistics and purchasing area, after evaluating the existing expertise and its gap with the best- practice of the industry. We provide flexibility and expertise with a guaranteed improvement of professionality. The goal is the development of your internal human resources while optimizing and reorganizing your Supply Chain.


Fee per project

Fee per project according to the activities required
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