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TMS Selection


What does a TMS SELECTION offer?

A selection of tools for transportation planning, visibility and control (normally called TMS – Transport Management Solution)
Support to the client for selecting the solution with functionality that best suit his operational needs of transport management
Consolidated competence of experts who know the world market and have helped develop innovative TMS solutions


To minimize the investment and the unnecessary customizations
To comply with the implementation go-live of the chosen solution
To ease the reduction of transport costs and optimize processes

What are the areas of action?

Planning tools

The selection of tools for transportation planning, visibility and control (normally called TMS – Transport Management Solution) is an expensive activity for companies:
  • There are several more or less flexible solutions on the world market
  • Applications are set for different representatives (shipper, carrier, receiver)
  • Different solutions have different functions and focus, but the SW houses say they can handle them all at once.
  • Customers would like to emulate what they normally do manually (Excel, paper) without compromise
All this has an impact on the project’s costs and the established budget could increase because of customizations and/or workaround not defined during the selection phase, without meeting completely the clients’ expectations anyway.
Smart helps companies to select the right solution. Activites are structured as follows:
  • Interviews with operational users and process owners for the Assessment process
  • Identification of current and expected functional requirements according to the defined importance
  • Analisys of the current SW structure and iterface with required data
  • Gap analysis with the (more or less formalized) tools in use
  • Preparation of RFQ documentation: – description of the current and expected context of intervention – Evaluation grid for the functionality of the choice of providers
  • Selection of the appropriate solutions according to an index of functional/economic cover
  • Support during implementation, set-up and test of the selected solution
A good TMS SELECTION can reduce your investment of 20-30% and improve your clients’ satisfaction.


Fee per project

Fee per project according to the activities required
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Smart Freight Monitor


What do the Smart Freight Monitor services offer?

Check of correct application of the lists and contracts
Audit of invoices and optional costs
Full visibility of the purchasing policy and used services

Why the Smart Freight Monitor services?

To identify billing errors and unexpected costs
To guarantee a Return of Investment.
To simplify the management control and identify the savings opportunities

What is the area of action?

What is the outcome of the Smart Freight Monitor?

  • Avoiding hidden and unexpected costs
  • Monitoring the company policy application
  • Highlighting services out of the benchmark and/or list
  • Quantifying possible due credit notes
  • Identifying KPIs to monitor the transport performance
  • Analyzing extra expenses in details
  • Measuring trends of expenses/service over time
  • Comparing new offers and providers quickly and easely
The goal is supporting the business management on transportation, providing a solid tool of audit.
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Sharing Fee

Standard: sharing of credit notes recovered Plus: variable on analyzed expenses
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