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Smart is a team of determined and reliable professionals dedicated to Operational Cost Management, Benchmarking, and Reengineering of processes.

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Smart was founded by a team of consultants with outstanding international working experience who joined a group of executives from leading companies. Our common background of many years working for SMEs and multinational companies of various sectors allows us to know how much energy and passion are necessary to take projects to success. But Smart is also much more: a group of success-driven and skilled analysts mad for the company’s efficiency, because every wasted resource leads gradually to a minor capacity of investment, a minor financial strength and to lower margins.

Why Smart VCO

for Solutions, or better, Simple Solutions! Because the Simple Solutions are always the best ones.
for Managerial! The managerial experience that Smart gained working directly for several companies at different levels, from operational to executive, supports the clients’ management to make their projects real.
for Act now! Because there is no reason to delay your company’s change and improvement. Smart gives you solutions applicable in short time.
for Results! Because Smart is measured, evaluated and finally remunerated according to the results achieved (no cure, no pay)
for Tangible! Because that’s how our results must be. They are not just figures on a piece of paper, they get real.

Business partners

  • bdd & co advisory
  • creactives
  • Considi
  • logi master

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