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Results already measurable in

3-6 months

Average savings achievable


Last completed project

April 2024

Sector: Automotive           

Area: Transportation                       

Analyzed expenses: 1.600.000 €

Achieved savings: 6,0 %

Average savings achieved

Logistics costs

  • Transportation

  • Internal stocks handling

Packing and auxiliary production costs

  • Packing and packaging

  • Consumables and auxiliary

  • Maintenance

General expenses

  • Other expenses

What they say about us

The success fee method is a good way to show they take responsibility for their actions and they provide result
Fashion industry
SC manager
Accessibility, diligence, results.
Beverage (spirits) company
Proprietario & Presidente
It’s not all about savings but they have to be maintained over time through the control and respect of purchasing policies.
Manufacturing company – metalworker
We appreciate that each member of the team has previously worked for a company and that they are there to get their hands dirty for us. Many consultants eventually remain on the theoretical, I needed concreteness.
Cosmetic Company
Purchasing Manager
An outside perspective allowed us to bring out the areas of inefficiency that had been neglected because of the lack of time and resources available.
Fashion industry, shoe factory
General Manager
Besides saving, they have improved our processes and made our staff evolve.
Food – zootechnical
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