• Supply chain audit


What do the Supply chain audit services and projects offer?

Monitoring networks and flows to identify the savings opportunities.
Meeting your clients needs in terms of service offered and received.
Designing individual projects on specific areas and/or on the whole plan of intervention.

Why our Supply chain audit services?

To identify your areas of intervention and to share your operational plan, therefore improving your efficiency.
For our reliability, objectivity and independence, tested during several years of our team’s international experience.
To improve competitiveness, commercial strategy and to achieve better profits.
To reduce costs and wastefulness and improve your client’s satisfaction.
To guarantee a Return of Investment.
To support your decisions regarding mergers and/or acquisitions.

What are the areas of action?

Supply Chain and transports

We consider the company’s current situation (AS-IS) in the following areas:
  • Mapping of the transport flows and creation of the consumption and purchasing pattern
  • Mapping of the Supply Chain processes
  • Purchasing policy, risks and contractual issues
  • Supporting tools

The goals: comparing and simulating alternative scenarios (TO-BE) defined together with clients. Verifying if the analyzed areas are in agreement with the market’s benchmarking and identifying some guidelines of intervention to improve and rationalize the transportation costs.

Indirect and production materials

Introductory analysis for the Benchmarking phase that considers:
  • Analysis and classification of expenses by nature if necessary with spending analysis tools
  • Mapping of purchasing policy and procurement procedures
  • Identification of features classified by expenses category and service type
  • Comparison with the best industrial practices

The goal is the identification and implementation of the best purchasing methodology to start projects of Cost Reduction according to a master plan of intervention with savings potentials and new strategies of sourcing.

Purchasing and sales

Are there areas of improvement? What can Smart offer my company?
  • Analysis of distribution channels and network
  • Analysis of the most popular best-practices among market operators
  • Analysis of pricing by sector experts
  • Solutions for sustainable growth
  • 100% accuracy

Benchmarking of purchasing and sales (e.g. sharing of the best-practices, comparison with the best-in-class for each industry, purchase and sales pricing analysis) to optimize the competitive positioning of your client and reach all the opportunities offered by the market.

Audit of transportation and logistics contracts

Our analysis will focus on several aspects:
  • Formal and substantial accuracy
  • Suitability to national and international legislations
  • Necessary training support for your staff if your company is exposed to hidden risks

The analysis will be focused on the necessary accessory documentation and on possible instructions to carriers to provide the company with contractual formats suitable to different types of transports. The final goal is evaluating the way the current transportation contracts are written and verifying if there are some risks from a legal point of view.

Evaluation of owned or leased fleets

Our analysis will consider:
  • The peculiarity of your industry and of your company
  • Current and expected market scenarios
  • the best practices of your sector and the most innovative international experiences
  • Different pricing patterns
  • The proper spending review and ease of management

Operational aspects will be considered, together with lease or buy, pricing patterns, processes and procedures, outsourcing evaluation, legal aspects. The goal is the evaluation of how and if owning a fleet would be better than using external carriers already existing on the market.

What is our modus operandi?

A Supply chain audit: analyzed areas


Fee per project

Fee per project according to the context + variable
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