Companies must rely on goods shipments showing an adequate service level and a right cost.

It is therefore fundamental to select the best provider for the goods shipment activity.
A good tariff comparison is not enough: the provider selection must take into acccount other factors, starting from the identification of the desired objectives to achieve.

We should first consider , including:
• Type of carried product and unit cargo;
• Geography and route;
• Abundance of point of withdrawal/delivery;
• Necessary/desired service level (direct/subcontract…);
• Performance.

Other external factors, concern the market:
• Type of service necessary/required (express delivery, groupage, …);
• Way of transport (by road, air, sea, intermodal…);
• Reliability of providers on a specific service;
• Financial soundness of carriers;
• Regular activity (permissions, contributions…);
• Types of available insurance.

This applies not only to outbound transport, as well as to inbound ones, when these are on the purchaser’s shoulders.
Without adequate industry-specific knowledge, and a meticulous and critical study of choice, create an effective freight tender is often difficult.
It is therefore necessary to implement a consolidated approach to obtain concrete results.
How to perform a successful freight tender and choose the “right” transport provider?

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