Tuesday 19 November from 2.30pm to 6.30pm, in the conference room of Progetto Manifattura in Rovereto, Trentino Sviluppo proposes a seminar of in-depth study on the subject of cost optimization in the company. The workshop will have an operational slant and will illustrate techniques and examples on how to identify savings opportunities in the company and turn them into immediate liquidity to invest.


  • The “hidden” EBIT: how to identify areas of cost and savings potential.
  • The nature of costs: knowing it to attack them. Overview of the main accounting documents and criteria for classifying expenditure by nature.
  • How to implement a “cost reduction masterplan”: analyzable perimeter, feasibility analysis and savings estimate, planning of the executive plan.
  • How to bring innovation and efficiency to the Sourcing area: purchasing strategies, expenditure analysis, market analysis, benchmarking techniques, supplier selection, negotiation techniques and offer simulation, basic contracts, definition of KPI on service and / or quality.
  • How to improve Procurement: IT applications supporting the purchasing department, management of solicits, quality control and service level, monitoring and verification of invoices.
  • Study and analysis of business cases in manufacturing and services industries.


How to participate: free seminar upon registration


For information: https://www.trentinosviluppo.it/it/ELE0013760/redditivita-aziendale-la-riduzione-dei-costi-come-portatrice-sana-di-ebit-nella-tua-azienda