How to prepare a logistics budget?

The last quarter of the year is quite close and with it the moment of the budget: on the one hand a tedious task, on the other hand an opportunity.   "Non-core" costs (indirect: logistics costs, packaging costs, production auxiliaries, overheads) account for up to 25% of turnover. For them the budgeting activity is complex: they are generated by fragmented and transversal processes, often without a clear accountability. Furthermore, the lack of an analytical and specific...
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An effective freight audit in 8 steps

Within the shipments and their costs management, the Freight Audit is becoming strategic. Many businesses look over the short-term savings, and use Audit as the tool for the optimization and the visibility of the logistics. It is an important instrument; however, its name may deceive: it indicates only a part of its activities and results. In his elementary form, the Freight Audit’s role is to verify that the providers of the shipments are paid properly, without surprises. Applying...
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How to avoid the reverse logistics pitfalls

Reverse logistics moves goods from their natural final destination (clients, points of sales) backwards among the supply chain to either the initial producer or a new subject of the original chain. Reverse logistics activities are, using few words, finding and collecting outcomes, the transportation, reception and sorting of returns (as for example unsold items from a retail).   What are the differences between forward logistics and reverse logistics? ARGUMENT...
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Interview - RadioVerona Live Social

A short clip which is a summary of the interview held at RadioVerona for the program Live Social.
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#RoadTo ISO 9001

It's an important moment for us. We have just started a journey that will lead us to improve more and more. We call it #RoadTo ISO 9001!
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10 ways to create efficiency and innovation in your warehouse

Managing a warehouse is an often-underestimated task, considered as a non-strategic practice and cost. In truth, it is a complex assignment and its strategic position keeps rising into the evolving business contest, due to the digital revolution and the e-commerce development. Managing a warehouse and its flows shall be carefully optimized to ensure efficiency and good quality, reduce the costs and increase the quality of the operators work; in order to improve the customer satisfaction of...
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Cooper's Four Rules applied to logistics

Within every business, there are many different positions associated with the shipments: logistics (Ça va sans dire!), sales, after-sales, the administration, purchases, the production. And there may still be more. How do these functions face the shipments topic? Here there are four rules to follow (we call them the Cooper’s rules for logistics): All shipments are important Do not apply an express service to not urgent shipments Do not arrange a single order...
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A proper logistics...

…requires a logistic manual!   What is reported within the logistic manual? The logistic manual illustrates the main aspects of a business logistic system: The fundamental strategic choices of logistics; The consequent logistic organizational structure of the business; The processes and responsibilities of the logistics and shipments department; The criteria to select services and partners that fit at best the business requirements,  Methods of...
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Warehouse, inventory and net working capital: how to reduce costs

Le aziende sono continuamente alla ricerca di soluzioni per ottimizzare la gestione del capitale circolante netto (NWC, Net Working Capital): spesso, però, si concentrano solo sulle fatture attive (crediti verso i clienti) e passive (debiti verso fornitori). Questo ambito è in genere gestito dai responsabili amministrazione e finanza, che operano spesso in autonomia rispetto ai Supply Chain manager: questi sono interpellati solo quando la politica di gestione...
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What solutions for the Supply Chain Finance?

Dopo alcuni anni di difficile congiuntura economica per molte aziende, il Supply Chain Finance può rappresentare una nuova opportunità di collaborazione nella filiera. Con il termine “Supply chain finance” si indica l’insieme delle soluzioni che consentono a un’impresa di finanziare il proprio capitale circolante, facendo leva non solo sulle sue caratteristiche economico/finanziarie o di business, ma anche sul ruolo che essa ricopre...
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KPIs for monitoring logistics and freights

Nei processi aziendali il primo passo per il miglioramento è la misurazione: infatti se non si conosce la realtà che si vuole migliorare, nessun cambiamento è possibile. Risulta quindi molto importante riuscire a identificare i KPI (Key Performance Indicators) strategici. Per costruire un sistema di valutazione dei processi logistici si parte dall’individuare molto bene i processi stessi e dal definire in modo univoco quali siano gli obiettivi di...
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Best wishes!

Merry Christmas and happy 2018!
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Why it is important to simulate logistic scenarios?

A logistic network is usually revised every 5-10 years. But the transport flows profile changes far more quicly... So, how to recover and keep on pursuing efficiency? By performing a simulation-based analysis, once a model has been created, it is possible to work on the single variables: it is therefore possible to compare different scenarios in real time, so to allow the evaluation of different alternatives.  In order to have realistic scenarios available to work with, the...
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How to set a modern and efficient distribution network?

Clienti e fornitori, mercati di approvvigionamento e canali commerciali, portafoglio prodotti, organizzazione logistica, magazzini e filiali. La complessità della gestione aziendale cresce giorno dopo giorno. Come se non bastasse, il tema del livello di servizio da garantire ai clienti e da assicurarsi dai fornitori ed il contenimento del costo logistico rendono la ricerca di un punto di equilibrio un esercizio sempre più difficile.   È quindi di vitale...
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Agreement with the University of Verona

It has been recently signed an agreement in between Smart VCO Consulting and the University of Verona. It concerns the opportunity for internships in our company.
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How to improve retail distribution?

Margins in retail sales have gone down, a lot. Griowing inventory stocks, stagnant sales, unprofitable rebate sales. And growing costs. Somebody reacts with linear cuts across the organization. What are the effects? Very often counterproductive, in the best scenario almost zero. If you want to optimize the retail distribution, improving what actually works fine and cutting only where there is inefficiency, now there is one solution: an Audit of Retail Distribution will quickly...
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For tennis and business, a winning service...guarantee you the point!

Nel tennis e nel business, un servizio vincente…garantisce il punto Clienti soddisfatti, che hanno ricevuto le merci acquistate nei tempi giusti: questo è ciò a cui aspirano le aziende manifatturiere. Perché ciò accada è importante monitorare il “livello di servizio”, cioè l’indicatore che rappresenta la capacità dell’azienda di rispettare i tempi di consegna concordati: il livello di servizio, infatti,...
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Fifty Shades of ... Logistics

Cinquanta sfumature di grigio? No, ecco le 50 sfumature della logistica: numeri e curiosità. Una lettura interessante e un esercizio per nulla scontato: voi avreste la risposta in tasca per tutte quante? Quanti esemplari di lettera di vettura internazionale (CMR) devono essere completati? Quattro: uno per il mittente, uno per il destinatario e due per il vettore. Qual è il beneficio economico medio generato dall’adozione di un TMS evoluto? In media, il...
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SmartVCO exhibitor at Logistics Forum 2016

SmartVCO will participate also this year as exhibitor to the Logistics Forum the next 20 - 21 October at Gubbio. The event is one of the most important for being an opportunity of interaction between Logistic and Supply Chain Managers and companies of service and solutions connected to the logistic branch.   We are looking forward to meet you in Gubbio to share our experience, best practices and new opportunities of improvement. For more...
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Okay, the transportation is right!

Different marketplaces, sales channels and goods typologies (for example, finished goods and spare parts) influence the different ways of transportation in companies (road, sea, air, intermodal transport) and the type of service (express deliveries, bulk tanks, boxes and pallets in groupage, special and dedicated transport, ...). To avoid assignment errors and so prevent the explosion in transport costs, there should be a clear transport policy, which then has to be...
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No homework for holidays!!

All the activities this month are reduced. Smart VCO team wishes to all of you a pleasant summer break!
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The packaging of chemicals

The selection of the packaging in chemical industry depends on the characteristics of the product which has to be packed. Anyway, to determine the best pack it has to be considered not only the inertia in respect of the product, but also the resistance to stress during transportation and stacking in warehouse. In respect of other industries, the changes due to marketing demands are less frequent. This industry favors the use of large containers: this depends above all by the major...
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Transport and hidden costs: billing errors

Transportation is a key activity in the life of companies: raw materials, components, semi-finished and finished products have to be transported to the recipients. It's important for companies regularly calculate and allocate the cost of transport, in order to monitor the profitability of sales made. To make things more complicated contributes the frequency with which billing errors occur in transportation: these errors affect the average annual transport costs for 1-1.5%. It means an...
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Speed Interview powered by University of Vicenza

Tomorrow, on 24/05, Smart VCO will be at the Speed Interview organized by University of Vicenza. Dedicated to students of Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Engineering, this event allows a direct meeting with various companies. Eng. Carlo Fois, CEO, and Michela Zuliani, analyst, will collect the CVs of the candidates, who will have about 5 minutes of speech to introduce themselves and be interviewed.
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Innovation and Supply Chain: Dekra Conference

On May 17, 2016 was held in Milan at the Samsung Smart Arena the DEKRA Conference "Digital Revolution & Supply Chain". <<The digital revolution has deeply changed the World: drones, 3D printing, connectivity of boxes and products, automated warehouses and other recent technologies are impacting heavily in different business. All the different company functions, and especially the Supply Chain, must be able to anticipate the next moves to ensure a...
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How many km are covered by wares?

The freight activities in Europe have a value of 3.481 billions of km. Road transport represents about 49,4% of the total, railway transport about 11,7% and those via inland water about 4,4%. The intra-EU maritime transport are the second most utilized mode (31.3%), while intra-EU air transport are valid only 0.1%. The route to the optimization of logistics costs also depends on the choice of the most efficient path.
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Smart VCO supports women encountering difficulties

Smart VCO supports Acisjf Protezione della Giovane - Associazione Cattolica Internazionale, sustaining the project launched by Lions Club Verona Europa.   The society is aimed at supporting women who are victim of physical and psycological violence, often within own family. The society, founded in 1897, started operating in Verona in 1984 and hosts young women in difficulty.   To sustain the centre (Casa della Giovane) a chairty dinner has been organized, thanks to the...
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Smart supporting young talents

In the last INDIRE evaluation the course organized by Fondazione ITS Logistica, Ambiente, Sostenibilità e Trasportosi ranked 2nd in Italy. Smart is a partner of Fondazione LAST, taking part to the participants' training with lessons and hosting trainees in its offices for sessions of on-the-job training.
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Happy Easter!

Smart VCO team wishes to everybody Happy Easter!
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Seafreight: new rules

VGM (Verified Gross Mass) = Total weight of cargo, loading aids, dunnage and tare of container to become effective on July the 1st, 2016. Major incidents and accidents, resulting from overweight containers, have prompted the international shipping community to take action in order to prevent incorrect weight declarations. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) in collaboration with industry representatives has, therefore, adopted specific rules as part of the Safety of Life at Sea...
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Freight: how to organize an effective tender

Companies focus on rationalising and monitoring of direct costs (mainly manpower and raw materials), without considering that indirect costs affect on average between 10 and 20% on turnover, depending on the industry considered. The logistic costs influence almost half of the total (40-50%) of indirect costs. Select the best supplier for the performance of the freight transport activities is essential for shipments with an appropriate level of service at the right price. The...
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Logistics budget: the process

On Friday the 11th of March, Smart VCO Consulting will be present at the "Executive Master in Operations & Supply Chain Management", organized by the Business Schoold of Gruppo 24 ore. Smart VCO Consulting intervention will be held during the lesson conducted by Donatella Rampinelli, with ithe topic "Logistics budget: the process". For Smart VCO Consulting will intervene Mr. Luigi Biondani, who will show the potentialities offered by modeling tools, in order to...
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FREE WEBINAR - Choosing the

How to choose the "right" transport provider? What to take into account? On Friday the 18th of March in a 45-minute session, our expertes will show hot to organize an effective transport tender. Case histories of different companies and industrial sectors. Limited places available. For registrations:
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New telephone number!

Our new telephone number is 045 - 8769 940. The fax number hasn't changed.
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New address for Smart VCO Consulting

New year, new offices! We are now at work in our new offices, located in Via Sommacampagna 63/H, in the "Quadrante Europa" area, Verona.
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Our best Smart wishes!

Dicember has come. It's time for personal and professional sum-ups and resolutions for 2016. From all our team, our best wishes for the forthcoming Christmas and the other festivities.
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Address to change soon!

Small change in sight for our address: in January 2016 will open our new headquarter, located in Verona, via Sommacampagna 63/h. New premises, to make room for new projects!
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2016: new internship opportunity

New internship opportunity for recent graduates in Industrial Engineering. Agrements have been activated with the Universities of Padova (e Vicenza), Brescia e Trento. The internship will start in 2016. Candidacies can be sent as from now to:
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Let's meet at Logistics Forum (Gubbio, October the 22nd-23rd)

Logistics Forum is an important opportunity to meet and discuss with Logistics and Supply Chain Directors. Smart VCO Consulting will be present in order to share experiences, best practices and opportunities for improvement, Let's meet in Gubbio!   Information here:
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Agreement with Padova University

It has been recently signed an agreement in between Smart VCO Consulting and the University of Padova. It concerns the opportunity for internships in our company.
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Agreement with Trento University

Has been recently signed an agreement in between Smart VCo Consulting and the University of Trento. It concerns the opportunity for internships in our company.
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It's time for a break: have a nice holiday!

I't now time to have a short break to recharge our batteries. From August the 10th to the 16th our activities will be limited. Enjoy your holidays!
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Internship opportunity

Internship opportunity for recent graduates in Industrial Engineering.   Area: Supply Chain, cost optimization & control. Requirements: fluency in English flexibility will to learn and to work in team dynamism attitude towards goal-driven working Driving licence and availability of a car Internship reimbursement Duration: 6 months, starting from calendar week no.35
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FREE WEBINAR - Masterplan: from cost accounting to project plan

FREE GRATUITO - Friday July the 31st, 10:30am.  A 45-minutes session during which our experts will show what data request to the administration department and how to treat them in order to classify expenses in terms of operational cost reduction and priority. Different case histories. Limited places available.  To participate:
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"La logistica come leva strategica": giovedì 19 marzo 2015 il corso tenuto da Carlo Fois (AD di Smart VCO). Iscrizioni aperte fino a lunedì 16 marzo. Per informazioni sul programma e le iscrizioni consultare la pagina di Assoservizi:$AD/C030D2B8C9DB07A2C1257DB7005E4163?OpenDocument
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Smart VCO per Logimaster, Master in Logistica Integrata

"TENDER DI MERCATO PER DIFFERENTI MODALITA' DI TRASPORTO. Metodologia e casi": questo il tema dell'intervento di Carlo Fois (AD di Smart VCO) oggi presso il Quadrante Europa
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Award for technologic innovation

The undersecretary for Transportation Giachino delivers "the Logistics Award of the Year 2010" to the CEO Carlo Fois. SmartVCO promotes "Eyefreight", the online platform to plan, monitor and manage shipments and related costs with different carriers. The tool supports the analysis, simplifies the cost control and allows an evolved reporting, simplifying manual processes and permitting, last but not least, a targeted cost reduction. This was the motivation that allowed...
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Progetto “collaborazione orizzontale e verticale nella logistica”

E' in corso il progetto “COLLABORAZIONE ORIZZONTALE E VERTICALE NELLA LOGISTICA”, realizzato avvalendosi del finanziamento POR - Obiettivo Competitivita' Regionale e Occupazione parte FESR "Fondo Europeo di Sviluppo Regionale" 2007-2013 Asse 1 - linea di intervento 1.1 bando azione 1.1.3 "contributi per l'utilizzo da parte delle imprese di strutture qualificate per l'attivita' di ricerca" – Misura 1.  Il progetto consiste in...
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